IQ by state, political affiliation by state

by Barban of Los Gatos CA



4th grade test IQ evaluation by state

by SAT score

by SAT and ACT score

typical party bias by state

what i see:
By SAT and ACT, composite, best estimate IQ; of the 16 smartest states 7 voted for Bush, 7 voted for Gore, and 2 voted evenly by percentage of the vote. Of the 15 states that scored most highly on their SAT score in 1998 10 voted for Bush, 4 voted for Gore, and one voted evenly by percent of vote. By the 4th grade composite test of the 15 highest scoring states in the country 7 voted for Bush and 8 voted for Gore.

what it means:
Unfortunately, none of this really means anything. I would think the SAT and ACT composite IQ is the best indicator. as it encompasses a wider base of test. Not very many student take the SAT is some states and it usually the smarter of the bunch that do; not to mention that it is only one year of testing. the demographic presented by these results is young and probably does not represent the voting populous of each state as whole. The 4th grade composite is a great indicator of innate IQ in students, but it does not represent real world IQ very well. By the time these 4th graders graduate they will have had 8 more years of wildly differing school programs better in some states that others. Also, an IQ does not really show you how smart someone is. I mean, how many of you know someone who scores well on tests but is an absolute idiot as far as life is concerned? That being said, count me among them. I'm reading a book called Emotional Intelligence. its a good read and i suggest it.

the point:
There is no point. I find this data too narrow to draw any conclusions. Beyond that, its also very varied. Each test produced one of the 3 possible outcomes. A Bush victory, a Gore victory, and a tie. Not to mention, this is just one election. that election certainly does not define the nation, nor does one set of test data. This data is certainly very interesting but not very proving of anything. I intend to research this more and hopeful come back with a better data set to settle the argument once and for all. i hope you enjoy browsing this data.

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