Chinese Emphasis on Education - impact on IQ ?

This insight from a chat room ( seems worth reprinting. Although it does not meet this site's usual criteria of representing majority professional opinion, it does offer a plausible genetic explanation on IQ. Sloan's thoughts on the issues can be reached by the links in blue.


Author: Shaolei (

Date: 05-04-04

I have a hypothetic reason for why Chinese's IQ is so high. I did not know whether it is right or not. At least there is no way to prove or disprove it. Chinese's high IQ needs to thank the Ke Ju (Æ3/4Ù) system. The system began at around Sui and
Tang dynasty and ended in 1911. It lasted about 1400 years. During these years, about 70 generations (1400/20=70). Genetically speaking, 70 generation is a huge number to make any genetic drift. Under the Ku Ju system, the persons who have better ability to read and learn would be given better political position and being higher social status. It directly led to better life, more wives and more children. Among their children, the same selection took place and always the children who can learn better were selected. The selection lasted for 70 generations and you can image how big the final results would be. Actually, after 1911, the selection still goes on.

For the westerner, the similar selection began about 300 years ago. Before that the education was only available to the monks who should not have children and some nobles whose numbers were small. But in China, the population that could access education was huge.

Similar deduction could also explain why the westerner are relatively stronger than Asian and maybe could also
explain why they have more hairs on the chin and still have chest hairs in male because they were still hunting and their home were surrounded by wild woods 300 years ago and these hairs could prevent show exact position of throat to big animals.


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