Research findings on Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ)

for Gender and Age


1. Women score higher on EQ appraisal. Results worldwide are consistent. Over 12000 individuals have taken the 7 minute online EQ assessment

Self-awareness (from 6 items on EQ assessment)

men 81 women 81

Self-management (9 items)

men 70 women 72

Social Awareness (5 items)

men 75 women 76

Relationship Management (8 items)

men 65 women 74


(Note that not included above is Ambition - a key trait leading to success)


2. EQ increases with age

18-19 68 (EQ score)

20-29 72

30-39 77

40-49 80

50-50 82

60-up 79

For detailed data on research results, see the EIA technical manual at


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