What Top Hotels look for in Hiring


Four Seasons in Sayan, Bali - #1 hotel in world in 2005 Travel + Leisure survey

(from interview with Meggy Banda, hotel's Training Coordinator)

    1. English speaking ability - ability to talk about self, other jobs done
    2. First impression - grooming, appearance, enthusiasm
    3. Not shy, looks you in the eye
    4. Tells the truth, does not exaggerate abilities
    5. Why interested in a Four Seasons Hotel career
    6. Fills our resume and job application well (in English)
    7. Ability to learn new things fast
    8. Employee doesn't ask personal questions - like married, # of children


Amandari in Ubud, Bali - #1 in service in 2005 Travel + Leisure

(from interview with Liv Gussing, hotel's General Manager)

    1. English speaking skills
    2. Ability to think and solve problems on their own (Employees are empowered to make decisions to meet guests' needs.)
    3. Graduate of a 2 to 4 year post high school degree program
    4. Does well in hotel's 3 month intern program (no pay)


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