IQ's in German States


This data is from and has a likely average is 100. Thus these numbers might be raised by 2 to compare with the 102 for Germany in an IQ comparison of many nations.

Baden-Wuerttemberg (102) Bavaria (102) Brandenburg (96) Bremen (93) Hesse (98) Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (98) Lower Saxony (97) North Rhine-Westphalia (97) Rhineland-Palatinat (98) Saarland (98) Saxony (100) Saxony-Anhalt (97) Schleswig-Holstein (99) Thuringia (99)

These regional numbers were based on a test of mathematical IQ competence. When asked why Bremen scored so low, test analyzer Volkmar Weiss replied:

Bremen is a city-state with a very high percentage of immigrants (with low IQ), the highest degree of unemployment of a state of former West Germany and the most desolate school system of any Germany Bundesstaat (socialdemocrats are governing this state since decades). What is cause and what is consequence, is an open question. But there are reasons enough, why the scores are such low ones. Bremen is the Louisiana of Germany. Within Germany income, rate of unemployment and GDP are highly correlated with mean regional IQ. Economically, Baden-Würtemberg and Bavaria are on the top, Bremen on the bottom.

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