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Online IQ tests produce unreliable scores. People write to the author of this website looking for an IQ test advice. Here are some typical communications:

I took 4 IQ Tests (Online) 130, 120 and 110 this was my scores. Some people said that Online IQ Test is not good so what can you say? what can I do? Thanks, Michael

Sloan replies: Michael, the wide variation in your IQ results is proof that online IQ tests are not very reliable. For suggestions, see my response to GKW on 17 Sept 2004 below.

Sloan replies to GKW: It's sensible to wonder about the results of online IQ tests. I do not recommend any as truly accurate, but prefer ones with time controls. If you really want to know your IQ, you might consider taking the SAT-1 test. Many employers feel they are a good measure of intelligence a useful asset in most jobs. You can use the chart at to translate SAT into IQ scores.


Online IQ tests (from such tests have become wildly popular with the explosion of the internet in recent years, there is great reason to believe that these IQ tests are highly inaccurate in their estimation of one's IQ. For example, by inputting random answers on one particular IQ test, an IQ of roughly 80 is obtained. Comparing results among a large set of people shows a common factor-most scores are above 110. Most of these websites attempt to sell certificates showing test results.


One candid testing website warns: "IQ tests listed here are just for your amusement ... or frustration. Results of (these) iq tests should not be taken too literally. To get a valid result you should take a real intelligence test - for example at your local Mensa club. Real tests have a strict time limit and the stress is far greater. " (From


Recommended IQ tests - with 2004-5 costs

1. ACT $28 ( Along with SAT tests, ACT scores are widely used for college admissions. The first column in the ACT chart shows the percent of high school grads in each state taking ACT. The chart also shows how ACT scores translate into IQ scores

2. Mensa $30 ( American Mensa's National Testing Day will be held on October 16, 2004.

3. SAT $41.50, starting 2/2005. Then SAT will be adding a mandatory writing test which remains optional with ACT. The writing test is not need for IQ scoring.

Unlike online IQ tests, scores from these three widely respected organizations can be used to help you get a job or be admitted to a selective college.

Warning on online IQ test (from "I went to the website in answer to an advertisement offering "free" IQ testing. It turns out that taking the test is free, however, to find out the results one had to pay a "one-time fee" of $19.95. In good faith, I provided my credit card information, and received the results of my IQ test. On my billing statement the following month was the fee for the IQ test, which I paid. However, the following month I was billed an additional $19.95." Sarah of Brooklyn (9/18/03)

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