SQ, IQ, and Self-skills in US Presidents


Recent election IQ's: President George W. Bush has a 124 IQ. His 2004 opponent John Kerry has a 122 IQ. His 2000 opponent Al Gore has a 134 IQ. 


Franklin D. Roosevelt is the most recent President showing top abilities in all three qualities useful for success (Social Skills or SQ, IQ, and Self-skills). Research indicates that these three qualities are of about equal importance in determining an individual's likely success. Self-skills primarily include Ambition and Integrity. In considering Presidents, it is useful to separate out these two traits.

Benefiting from his fine people skills, ambition, integrity, and likely intelligence, it is not surprising that Franklin Roosevelt was one of our most successful Presidents. His distant relative Theodore Roosevelt, as well as Abraham Lincoln, also stood out on all four of these success skills. As a result they too developed greatness as Presidents. In other fields too, people who similarly demonstrate real talent in all four areas are also bound to make a major impact - as with Benjamin Franklin or Cleopatra.


Success with 3 of the 4 qualities

The Presidents since Franklin Roosevelt have not been outstanding in all four of his success qualities, yet most are considered to have been good leaders. Similarly, individuals in business, technology, and most other fields can be quite successful even if they don't possess all of the skills useful for a job. That's good news for high school students who study hard but don't get top grades. Ronald Reagan didn't get them either, nor did he go to a top ranked college. But Reagan got many more votes than bright Naval Academy graduate Carter, and most historians consider Reagan's presidency much more successful than Carter's.

Presidents with high SQ, Ambition, and Integrity (but only above average IQ): Washington, Reagan, Ford, Kennedy (117 or 119), G Bush, GW Bush (126).

Presidents with high SQ, IQ, and Integrity (but only above average Ambition): Truman, Eisenhower

Presidents with high SQ, IQ, and Ambition (but only above average Integrity): Clinton, Johnson

Presidents with high IQ, Ambition, and Integrity (but only above average SQ): Carter, both Adams'

Failure with less than 3 qualities: Nixon had high IQ (143) and Ambition but flawed Integrity and SQ

Other opinions on Presidential IQ (at http://www.mail-archive.com/ctrl@listserv.aol.com/msg30805.html) "Nobody ever accused Ronald Reagan, John F.Kennedy (IQ of 117 according to biographer Thomas C. Reeves), Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt or George Washington of being sensationally cerebral. In contrast, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon (143 IQ), Herbert Hoover, Woodrow Wilson, William Howard Taft and John Adams were smarter than they were successful." Also http://bushwatch.tripod.com/LiesAboutBush/id10.html places John F. Kennedy's IQ at 119 and notes that Kennedy graduated 65th in his high-school class of110.

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