IQ matters in hiring - in sports and business


1. The smarter pro football players tend to become starters


The Wonderlic is a 50-question IQ type test that the National Football League has been using for more than 25 years to screen recruits. A NFL source with access to Wonderlic scores for virtually every player in the league for 1997 disclosed the following position-by-position average scores on this12-minute intelligence exam. The NFL average is 19.

Position          All starters  All players

Tight ends            23            20
Tackles               24            20
Guards                24            22
Centers               25            22
Quarterbacks          25            25
Fullbacks             20            15
Halfbacks             18            15
Defensive linemen     20            15
Linebackers           20            20
Cornerbacks           19            15
Safeties              25            20
Wide receivers        15            20

2. More Employers Ask Job Seekers For SAT Scores

From: The Wall Street Journal October 28, 2003

"The SAT's, usually taken by high-school juniors and seniors and used solely as a criterion for college admission, are now following many people through college and into the workplace as a defining performance measure. A certain cadre of companies that hire large numbers of fresh college graduates have ling asked about SAT scores, but many other large employers took up the habit in recent years because of the dismal job market. With thousands of resumes flowing in for even a single open position these days, employers see the scores as one more way to differentiate among applicants.

"And most employers who ask about the SAT say they want someone whose scores are well above the national average. According to the New York based College Board, the association that administers the SAT, the 1.4 million SAT takers in the class of 2003 earned average scores of 519 on the math portion of the test and 507 on the verbal section, for a total of 1026. The math average is the highest in more than 15 years, meaning that those who are applying for jobs right now on average scored lower.

"A number of ads placed by recruiters and staffing firms set clear SAT goals. Consider this recent ad on for an entry-level investment banking position: "Minimum expectations include an overall score of 1350 on the SAT's...You will be required to provide official scores and transcripts, so please do not respond if you do not meet the aforementioned requirements."

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