Plans for more analysis of Corruption in Nations

From : Parhatsathid Napatalung <> 
Sent : Monday, January 24, 2005 4:19 AM 
To : Van Sloan <> 
Subject : Re: FW: Bangkok photos and other 1/21 email 
Dear Van Sloan:
I have been delighted to see you in Bangkok, and
yes there are lot of things I want to send you about
corruption, such as the basics of corruption,
apparently the majority of the population, even
politicians, law makers, and believe it or not,
corrupt officials do not understand the underlying
idea of corruption.
While this is a topic people like to talk about,
it is also a topic many do not like to go further and
kept under wraps. It is also true that it is now a hot topic
amongst economists, but their approach has been basically
on looking from the point of view of "rents seeking" and
market distortions, corruption in private sector, etc.
They are looking from the point of view of how
corruption effects the economy, rather than how what
causes corruption and why is it so difficult to stop
them and what to do about it. It is undeniable that it
is at least 20 times more costly then all the street
crimes combined (drugs, murders, extortion, burglary,
etc.) but we should go further than just look at the
effect, we should look at ways of preventing it
shouldn't we?
Now sociologists take a view of corruption more from
individual crime or street gangs, while privately
acknowledging occupational crime as most serious. So
the point of them has been the acts or crime and
conditions for crime, again avoiding the issue of
cause from the point of view of economic gain and
basic social framework by which corruption is
perpetrated from an administrative point of view.
Therefore the general academia tone at the moment
is: "You politicians find ways to do something about
it - see what effect it does?" rather than: "Here is
the Hows and Whys and What we can do about it". My
paper, while a simple one, will deal with the second
more difficult attitude.
Are there any other ideas on corruption you want me
to submit? My female friend, Miss Pandaree Preecha
(Tina) is off to her studies in India for Ph.D. in
Sociology, I think she will not have much time to send
it to you directly but basically we agree on a lot of
issues which will be summarized in that paper I will send
you. If you want me to send some Work-in-progress I
will send that too.
Have you thought of being a talk show host? You can
easily rival Larry King.
All the best,

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