Van Sloan spoke at the conference on:

Social Quotient - a boost to Self-Esteem


Reactions in writing to Sloan's presentation:

Thanks for the gift of communication and your SQ survey and work! I'm going to share it with my staff after school starts. Really enjoyed your presentation!

Pat Haun, Principal, Vicente Martinez High School, Martinez CA

"Great session! I am so excited to get this going in Campbell."

Nora Ho, teacher/ consultant in the Campbell Union School District (K-8th grade) near San Jose CA

"I found the material interesting and would like to learn more. I also presented: Mental Health: Dimensions of Self-Esteem and Emotional Wellbeing, and would be interested in sharing information with you."

Joseph Donnelly, PhD, Montclair State University, Upper Montclair NJ

"Sorry I missed your workshop. I would like to use your survey with some of the high school kids I've been working with. On the lighter side, I've also been using a S.Q. factor, however my SQ is Stupidity Quotient (drugs, alcohol, gangs and repeated negative behaviors) which cancels out IQ, PQ (Performance or Productivity Quotient) and CQ (Creative Quotient). Sounds like your survey would give me a great base line from which to work with students."

Russ Wilson, ASPIRE, Santa Rosa, CA.

Others educators - all commented favorably on the SQ presentation:

Professor in Singapore's National Institute of Education

Former Superintendent of Mountain View CA School District

School Counselor and PhD candidate in British Columbia, Canada

Consultant, Marin County CA Schools

Teacher in continuation high school, Clovis CA

Non-School Personnel expressing an interest in SQ:

Executive Director, Self-Esteem Foundation, Culver City CA. Interest areas include: At-risk youth, Welfare recipients, Corporate

President of Games Company, Falls Church VA

Business Consultant in Saskatchewan, Canada

UPDATE 8/15/00: Reasoner releases evaluation data showing that 88% of attendees felt Sloan's SQ presentation was Very Good to Outstanding.

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