Why your social skills are important :

they determine 1/3 of your success in life

Really? Yes, research of leading psychologists indicates it's true. You might be just a C+ student, but you could earn more money or become the manager of an A- student, if you have superior social skills!

But everyone tells me that IQ (getting good grades) is what leads to the high paying jobs. They're right, but only for another 1/3 of your success. Brains may qualify your for medical school, but the top earning doctors (and the top earners in all fields) usually have good social skills as well.

Your final 1/3 of success comes from Ambition. It depends largely on how enthusiastic you are about the field of work that you choose.

You have control over 2/3 of your future success - with your social skills and ambition. You can't change your IQ, so that 1/3 of success is out of your control. (But don't ignore schoolwork; a GPA below your ability level shows a lack of ambition that turns off colleges and employers.)

Social skills - by improving them you can get a bigger payoff than most other things you can do. The popularity test you just took gives you some feedback, but its usefulness is limited. To improve, you first need to know what others actually think of you - something that's not easy to find out (see student comments).

I want to learn how to find out what others honestly think of me - with the news article "Are you social?"

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