MALE Popularity Quiz

Compare yourself to others, then click if you're lower, the same, or higher than average - on each blue line below. (Each clicked item should turn red.  If that does not happen, record your marks on paper, like l,s,h,s...)

low same high --My general happiness

low same high --My intelligence

low same high --My Grade Point Average (in high school)

low same high --Athletic ability

low same high --I really like most people

low same high --Upbeat, positive attitude

low same high --Number of my smiles per day

low same high --Verbal skills

low same high --Sense of humor

low same high --Courtesy I show to others

low same high --My success in activities

low same high --I'm considered to be a leader

low same high --Physical attractiveness

___ TOTALS ____ Count your number of lows and highs above.

If your number of highs is greater, it is likely that you have above average social skills (SQ). The above traits reflect  in-depth research on how high social skills males rated themselves - valuable information not available elsewhere.

Another online test that measures your social and emotional skills is at    It's author Goleman wrote in his instructions:

And listen, smarty-pants -- answer honestly, on the basis of what you really would be most likely to do. Don't try to second-guess what seems right by using those old rules for psyching out multiple choice tests that helped you through school!

This same warning would apply to all self-evaluations.   This Popularity Quiz above is easier to second guess than many tests.  Its main purpose is to let you know what male traits actually matter to others  Guessing what others think about you is not very accurate.  But now you can find out how others REALLY see you.  

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