Leading Educators comment on SQ

Marlyn McGrath Lewis, Harvard Director of Admissions "One can appreciate the appeal of a numerical scoring system such as you describe for the 'Social Quotient'"

Stephen Ceci, H.L. Carr Chaired Professor of Developmental Psychology, Cornell University "I think it [SQ] could prove very useful in predicting school and work success that is statistically independent of any variance due to IQ."

Robert Sternberg, IBM Professor of Psychology and Education, Yale University "SQ type measures have the advantage of being quantifiable and reflecting colleagues' opinions...they certainly measure an important aspect of social intelligence....In any case I thought your article was thoughtful and interesting and appreciated your sending it to me. And I definitely agree the time has come for Gardner - not to mention Goleman [author of Emotional Intelligence] - to collect some data!"

Howard Gardner, Professor in the Graduate School of Education, Harvard University "I am not sure to what extent SQ is related to interpersonal intelligence...At least for now I have no interest in creating my own set of assessments for my multiple intelligence theory. Bob [Sternberg of Yale] is welcome to give me advice, but I am equally free to go my own way." Click for findings on Social Quotient vs interpersonal intelligence

Philip Zimbardo, Professor of Psychology, Stanford University, and moderator of PBS TV programs on psychology " We are developing a new psychology content site, Real Psychology.com...and our content will be from leading experts in each of the domains we will feature. We are intending a beta test next week. I would like to include this [SQ] scale and access to your social quotient material on our site, with appropriate citations."

William Villa, UC Santa Barbara Director of Admissions "I find the materials and the concept of a 'Social Quotient' interesting...During UCSB's comprehensive review process, all the information provided by students in their application and personal statement is taken into consideration." (clarified that "all the information" would include Social Quotient ratings)

Michael Cronin, University of Pennsylvania admissions office "Regarding your letter of February 20, 1999 to William J. Stetson, Jr., Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Pennsylvania (copy enclosed), we are very interested in the subject of measuring one's Social Quotient, and would respectfully request that more information be sent to us."

Carol Swanberg, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Director of Admissions and Financial Aid "I would be interested in your results."

Sara Lindgren, Pepperdine University admissions office "[SQ]could be very useful. We are attempting to rank students like this internally...It is an interesting idea."

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