out of 31 employers in Vallejo CA

Want to know SQ score

Want to see SQ document

Student can keep a low SQ score private

SQ in top 1/2 helps in getting hired

Higher start pay for applicant in top 10-25% of SQ

% yes:






Employers comment on Social Quotient

The above chart is taken from the bottom of an employer matrix showing how 31 typical teen employers (like fast food chains) reacted upon seeing a SQ printout. The quotes below describe their votes (yes, no, or yes/important). Unlike all other quotes in this web site, these quotes were not obtained in writing. The speakers identified below gave specific permission to use their names.

Would you like to know a student's SQ score?

93% Yes: "Definitely" "Really good idea" "Absolutely" "Would be great to have this information"

7% No: "I prefer to make my own judgement"

If a teen scored low in SQ, should it be private?

48% Yes: "I'd ask in a friendly way but not force"

52% No: "Would want to find out" "I would ask" "Would want to know" "Would ask how they scored" "I would hope he would tell me the truth"

Would you consider higher starting pay for a student in the top 10-25% of SQ scores?

28% Yes: "We like leaders" "Top socially - higher pay" "Want the best" "People who get along turn out to be our best sales people" (the last by Big 5 Sporting Goods manager Dan Hollister)

72% No: "Pay is based on experience" (by Target Stores personnel manager Marsharon Ellis). Check out a photo and news article on Ellis, SQ, and the hiring process.

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