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"I give you kudos for developing such a test; it provides for 'fair play' when an individual is being hired. Since social ability overrules academic performance in some jobs, those who do not perform well in school can still find themselves a job through a high Social Quotient." Boy getting 128 SQ

"Your presentation and surveys have truly opened my eyes to see many new things. Rarely have I thought that social quotient or SQ would effect my job placement and salary. I greatly appreciate the work and preparation it took you to come up with a test that was so simple and easy to take, yet have such a big impact on our futures." Girl getting 122 SQ

"The most astonishing [thing] about the discussion was when you said that most managers/ interviewers don't look at you GPA, but at the way you present yourself. I am recently employed at Round Table Pizza, and I always thought they hired me because of my high GPA score of 3.9, not because I walked in there smiling, looking at them straight in the eye." Girl getting 107 SQ

"Another thing that I thought was particularly important was the fact that I never knew that some careers mainly require social skills, not just intellectual skills. I did know about some, but not as much as you pointed out. I was thinking of getting a career that paid a lot, but now I'm reconsidering that thought. Now I'm thinking of one which I know I'll be happy doing. From what I've learned, I guess now I'll be more of a people person." Boy getting 93 SQ

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