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Judging Others and First Impressions

"Taking the test taught me how to evaluate others. Getting to know my classmates and actually trying t understand their personalities was a bit challenging. However, figuring out whom I would go to in a store was easy." Girl getting 122 SQ

"One of the things I learned is about judging, and that was the whole point of the SQ test. Because people judge you, especially if it is a 1st impression, and you would want to make a good one and not a bad one. And that made me think about that and I have to watch what I do and say." Boy getting 107 SQ

"You have made me think more about how I show myself to people in a first impression. At first I really didn't care how people saw me or what they thought about me but now I see that what I'm doing now can be a set back for me in my career. The career field that I want to go in involves a lot of social skills." Girl getting 96 SQ

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