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The mystery of how others see us

"I was very impressed with the way you explained how other see us and what they think of us. I have always been so concerned about what people thought of me, but have never had a way of finding out how. The only way others, including myself, have done it that I know of is to directly ask the person or through someone else. But as we all know, the answers we get are usually just a cover-up. I have never heard of anything like this before and I'm delighted that we finally have something we can use to get a taste of knowing what people think of us. I just can't wait to see my test results." Girl getting 130 SQ

"I also learned that what other people perceive of you is very important. It really made me think, 'Would people come up to me if I worked at [a] store?'" Girl getting 122 SQ

"When I get the results from the test and I get a bad score it can really help me a lot. The results will help me understand what people think of me. Right now. I don't know what they think of me, but when I get the results I will know. I hope that I don't get a bad score, but it's OK if I do, because then I will know what I will have to work on." Boy getting 96 SQ

"One thing that really had me thinking was how others perceived me. I never really thought of it that way. Sometimes I did, but not to the point to where it mattered. I look at myself a whole new different way. Maybe now, I'll smile a lot more." Boy getting 93 SQ

"Reflection SQ: I got a 75 and I was not very happy when I have recived that grade. I did not know that that many people did not like me. The things that I can do to change or increase my grade is to start to be nicer to people and also have a little bit more respect for people. I not saying that I have no respect, I just say may [be] that's something that I should work on. I also probably need to start to smile at a lot more people. Other than that I don't think that 10 people from the class should have gave me an 'E'!" Girl getting 75 SQ (original spelling and grammar) This comment is often read to students after they take the SQ survey. It relieves some anxieties and shows how a low score can be beneficial, because it can prompt a person to make needed changes. (See comments by self-esteem expert.)

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