Self-Esteem and Social Quotient

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Robert W. Reasoner

"We have research that indicates that those who lack the social skills going from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school typically suffer from low self-esteem and are most at risk for drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, depression and dropping out of school. My suggestion would be to try your instrument [the SQ survey] out on 8th graders when teachers could address some of these social skills needed before they get into high school. As you know, I have always been concerned that most people succeed or fail in business or life not on the basis of their academic grades or basic skills, but because of things like interpersonal skills, social and emotional intelligence, and attitudes - those aspects that schools pay so little attention to."

update 12/5/99: "I agree that your topic [Social Quotient] would fit well with our theme [for the June conference]. I would also like to refer to your survey and results in the book I am writing on What Research Has to Say About Self-Esteem if you don't mind."

Reasoner has invited SQ inventor Van Sloan to speak 6/22/2000 at the Self-Esteem conference in San Francisco: "Preparing Youth for the 21st Century." 

Highlights of Sloan's 6/22 presentation: SQ - a boost to Self-Esteem

Reactions to Sloan's presentation and types of attendees


Nathaniel Branden

From his book "How to Raise Your Self-Esteem":

"If there are aspects of your self that you do not like and that are within your power to change, you will be motivated to make the changes once you have accepted the facts as they are. We are not motivated to change those things whose reality we deny. [Italics by Branden.] Our self-esteem is not a function of our physical attractiveness, as some people naively imagine. But our willingness or unwillingness to see and accept ourselves does have consequences for self esteem."

Branden is a strong believer in "reality based self-esteem." An individual's Social Quotient is an important reality, because it is based on private ratings by a large number of one's peers. As with self-esteem, there is no relationship between a person's physical attractiveness and Social Quotient.

Updates: 4/10/00 in Branden letter to Sloan "I will say, based on a brief review of your ideas, that your work strikes me as both plausible and important.....I look forward to meeting you at the June conference."

4/11/00: From:
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 23:16:22 EDT
Subject: feedback

Your project is very interesting.  I think you've done a fine job.
Nathaniel Branden
Looking forward to meeting you in June.

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