Stanford Professor Zimbardo recognizes value of Social Quotient system

Date: Tue, 02 May 2000 14:09:41 -0700
To: "" <>
From: Phil Zimbardo <>
Subject: Re: Important Social Intelligence Findings
Cc: Sabrina Lin <>
We are developing a new psychology content site, Real that
gives psych away for free to students and the general public and our
content will be from leading experts in each of the domains we will
feature. We are intending a beta test next week.
I would like to include this scale and access to your social quotient
material on our site, with appropriate citations. Is that possible?
If so, how can we effectively have our students complete the scale and have
it scored and added to your data base and our new one? thanks so much
Phil Zimbardo
ps: please cc any answers to Dr. Sabrina Lin, em above, she is
integrating all input into our site.
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Sloan replies:
Phil, your support of my Social Quotient project is much appreciated. I welcome your concept for and look forward to accessing that upcoming site. Hopefully, Internet surfers will come to appreciate the difference between real science projects in psychology and the many popular but poorly structured tests on the net.
You certainly have my permission to describe Social Quotient and put access to my SQ site in I will likely offer a cross-link to your site in my links area. The answers to your questions on completing the SQ scale are covered briefly in webpage and in the linked, more detailed Directions page (written for teachers). Anyone is free to copy the SQ survey forms off the Internet, but the system requires that a teacher or group leader conduct the survey and be responsible for the confidentiality of results. Completed SQ surveys need to be sent to me for computer processing to generate individual SQ scores and reports.
On the matter of results data bases, I may need to get some ideas from you on methods, confidentiality, and who should have access. Your e-mail makes me think that it may help psychology researchers if the details of my 2400+ surveys were added to my SQ website.
 ps: I really like your approach in the TV Psychology course programs for PBS.

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