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Branden, Nathaniel - self-esteem psychologist and author. His book "How to Raise Your Self-Esteem" is cited in this web site.


Carnegie, Dale - author of the classic: "How to Win Friends and Influence People," cited in this web site.

Foster and Hicks - speakers and authors of "How We Choose to be Happy," cited in this web site. HREF="">

Gardner, Howard - Harvard professor and author. His 1983 book "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences" has influenced education and much psychological thinking, including this web site. See Gardner's comments on SQ, plus the differences between his interpersonal intelligence and Social Quotient., Gardner discusses the use and misuse of MI in school

Goleman, Daniel - author of the influential "Emotional Intelligence." His later book "Working with Emotional Intelligence," cited in this web site several times, provides much more supporting data.


Herrnstein and Murray - authors of a controversial book on IQ, "The Bell Curve," cited in this web site (showing the value of non-IQ traits)


Hill, Napoleon - author of books on success. Hill's suggestions for an attractive personality in his posthumous "Keys to Success" were partially verified by SQ surveys and are cited in this web site.

Reasoner, Robert - started self-esteem programs in schools. See his comments on the use of SQ. His book "Building Self-Esteem in Secondary Schools" is relevant, but unfortunately out of print. For a list of his positions, books, and articles see> (then click NASE, click History, click Robert Reasoner)

Shearer, Branton - has a system to assess multiple intelligences outlines his MI assessment system that's approved by Gardner

Sternberg, Robert - Yale professor doing research into what makes for success. His recent book "Successful Intelligence" is quite relevant to this web site. See Sternberg's comments on SQ., Gardner and Goleman.

Stanley, Thomas - author of the #1 NY Times bestseller "The Millionaire Next Door" and more recently "The Millionaire Mind," cited twice in this web site for its research on traits that have led to economic success and loving one's career.

Stoltz, Paul - author of "Adversity Quotient," a factor in the ambition part of success, and cited in this web site.


Yam, Philip - writer for Scientific American magazine

Young, Cheri A. - researcher at Cornell

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