How to Participate in an SQ Survey

1. You need to be part of a group of 10-40 persons who know each other to some degree.

2. Have your group's supervisor or teacher contact Van Sloan at the e-mail address below. Sloan can send the SQ Survey packet ($10) and answer questions.

3. Participate in the survey. The process takes about 20 minutes, with reading of the news article "Are you social?" and marking your peers according to the main question in that news article.

4. The supervisor/ teacher mails the marked surveys to Van Sloan, along with a purchase order authorizing payment of $3/ person. The forms are run through a scanner and complex computer program that produces a printout for each group member. The printouts are multi-colored to discourage alterations; up to 25% of employers say they will pay a higher wage to individuals who get top SQ scores!

Benefits you'll get:

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