SQ RESULTS REVIEW (explains SQ printouts)

1. The most important parts of the SQ report are lavender colored:

(lower right) Write your Social Quotient number here:_____

(top) Write your SQ appraisal (based on your SQ #) _____________

(top) What percent of your class scored below you? ____ %

2. Check out the lower left lavender box:

(item a) Is your SQ is above or below average for your sex? ______

(item b) Did M or F score you higher?___ What's your M/F spread?__ What steps might you take to reduce that spread?

3. The light blue areas show how your Social Quotient is calculated:

Each sheet has at least one mark of C=100 (yours). Your # of C's___

What is the SUM of all your C's plus other marks (bottom blue)? ____

What is your COUNT?___ (the number of classmates marking you)

Your Sum divided by Count (divisor) = a quotient (your SQ)____

4. See the middle section (under the top lavender area):

5. Bottom, below blue line. These items were suggested by employers:

6. Will you take your SQ Report to job interviews? Yes___ No___How will you answer when an employer asks about:

an SQ score under 100? (Consider the comments of the 75 SQ girl.)

a missing SQ report? (Your teacher can write you a short SQ report.)

7. For Vallejo students, the traits that appear most often in high SQ scorers include: an upbeat positive attitude, general happiness, and number of smiles per day. Which of these might you improve?


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