Affirmative Action effects of SQ

1. Unlike IQ, Social Quotient does not appear to vary noticeably with race or skin color. The overall results for 61 classes measured for both SQ and ethnicity showed a very slight preference for non-white males and a slight preference for white females. Both results are in the margin of error, suggesting that race has little effect on SQ.

Update on Asian differences: 11/14/04 PDF paper at Emotional Intelligence: Old Wine with a New Label - summary: Asians scored lower on self-management and relationship management skills. The Asian "saving face" culture makes standing up or speaking out for oneself more difficult than for North Americans. But the "collectivist mentality" of Asian training can teach much to Westerns on interpersonal harmony.

2. Since social skills (or SQ) is an important predictor of an individual's future success, its use in employment and college admissions decisions is warranted, and SQ should have a race-neutral effect.

3. Race is one of many traits showing little correlation to Social Quotient scores. Results to date indicate that most physical characteristics (except for excess fat in females) do not affect an individual's likabily. Most students look to internal qualities (like a happy attitude) in seeking out others. See: Traits that relate to Social Quotient in Vallejo CA high schools.

4. Different communities in northern Calfornia vary in the emphasis they place on race/ likability, particularly between males and females. The lower score for non-white females in Vallejo may be explained by a black girl's comments on attitude.

5. The neighboring communities of Vallejo (large minority groups) and Benicia (mostly white) show similar breakdowns on the social skills (SQ) of non-white students. Both show a measurable preference for non-white males. If this pattern is borne out in further data, the affirmative action effects of SQ for minority males could be significant. There is not yet sufficient data from other communities to go beyond the findings of points 1 and 3 above.

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