Social Quotient Survey - side B Name_____________ Male O O Fem

Compare yourself to average people, then mark: low, same, or high for each of the traits below. When unsure, fill in the center "same" ring. Halfway through, add up your total lows and highs above (for traits influencing likability).

lo s hi (low/same/high).....TRAITS INFLUENCING SQ (likability):

O O O -- My intelligence

O O O -- My general happiness

O O O -- My Grade Point Average

O O O -- Number of my smiles per day

O O O -- I really like most people

O O O -- Athletic ability

O O O -- Courtesy I show to others

O O O -- Hair color (dark = high)

O O O -- My success in activities

O O O -- Upbeat, positive attitude

O O O -- Sense of humor

O O O -- Math skills


__/ __ lo/ hi Totals..........TRAITS NOT INFLUENCING SQ:

O O O -- Verbal skills

O O O -- Physical attractiveness

O O O -- Weight

O O O -- I tell others my problems

O O O -- Tend to go along with the crowd

O O O -- I am considered to be a leader

O O O -- Adapt to new situations

O O O -- My Height

O O O -- Excess body fat

O O O -- I enjoy listening to others

O O O -- Skin color (light = low)

O O O -- I have strong opinions

O O O -- Long hair (short preferred for males)


The above order of traits for males was developed from 2500+ surveys of high school students in eight California counties and in a few schools in New York and Pennsylvania. The order for females is slightly different. If your midpoint highs outnumber your lows, you may expect a higher than average SQ score.

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