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Social Quotient® - the next steps (study of friendliness in cultures)

Analysis of Friendliness in Thailand

Training in Social Skills in Bali

Sloan's proposal for a Bali EI seminar

Viewer comments on SQ and IQ from 11/2004 on  - Sloan responds

Comments and responses from 1/2002 through 11/2004
Viewer comments prior to 2002 plus Sloan's response

Success Home Page

Countries list showing average IQ's (1114 daily views)

Possible Causes of IQ Differences among Countries (90 daily views)

Early human migrations lead to races and varying IQ's

Harsh weather and evolution of differing racial IQ's

Analysis of racial IQ differences

Math and Verbal skills in various racial/ ethnic groups

IQ of Blacks in Africa and the USA

IQ, race, and inner city education  - opinions

Analysis of African IQ vs sociability

Jewish IQ scores

Calculating IQ's of groups in Israel

IQ's in Hispanic countries - the race factor

IQ and other differences between Americas natives and East Asians

IQ up 5 points (mostly spatial) after studying Chinese writing

Other studies on advantages of studying Chinese characters

Bright Asian students cause dumber White students to flee schools

Math in Singapore - is it the texts or the students?

Chinese emphasis on education - impact on IQ ?

Character writing may have hindered China's growth

IQ's in regional German states

Success of Nations - compared to their citizens' IQ, SQ, Ambition

Income disparities at borders - a source of tension

Social Quotients of nations (but not races) vary, affected by cultural traditions

Other national success factors: Free Markets, Democracy, lack of Corruption

Competition Index for Nations

Corruption Index for Nations (199 daily views)

The causes of corruption

Multinationals NOT a big source of corruption

How corruption hurts Nigeria

Analysis of Corruption findings

Chapter on Profits from Economics book on Free Markets

Happiness of various nations

Reasons for a Nation's Happiness

Wealth as a factor in nation happiness

IQ Basic Information (439 daily views)

Male and Female IQ (143 daily views)

Political correctness on Gender IQ issues

Research on Sex differences in IQ

K-12 schools not geared to Boys

IQ is measured by SAT tests  (156 daily views)

Chart comparing SAT scores to IQ (205 daily views)

Formula converting SAT scores to IQ scores

SAT scores by Gender, Income, and Ethnic Groups

The new SAT tests - causes

Predictions for the new SAT tests

Online IQ tests not as reliable as paid IQ testing

Chart of IQ scores of people in various jobs (137 daily views)

IQ and Aging: Fluid vs Crystallized intelligence

Genetics has larger influence on IQ than environment

Head Start does not raise IQ's

Real data on states' IQ, income, and voting (163 daily views)

State IQ's and 2004 Presidential election

IQ's of Bush vs Kerry voters

Comments on IQ-politics connection

IQ's in US states - the best estimate available (244 daily views)
Weighting state IQ results by population
SAT scores by state help determine state IQ's 
SAT scores by state 1987-1998
What school testing shows about state IQ's
Per-pupil spending in Kerry vs Bush states
Several ways of calculating State IQ's - comments

Political hoax on IQ in US states

Hoax retraction by The Economist magazine

Analysis of hoax data vs real state IQ's

Summary of research results on success factors:

Research findings on career success (IQ and EI) (120 daily views)

Research on high school traits leading to later financial success

Research on age 8 social skills and earnings at 35 and 53

Research on Emotional Intelligence, gender  and success

Findings on EI and Gender in the workplace

EI (or EQ) and work success

Emotional Intelligence history and promises
Research on EI differences for gender and age
Some argue that EQ means everyone is intellectually equal
Goleman on EI in the workplace
Goleman breaks down EI into 4 main components
Goleman analyzes role of EI and IQ in success
Goleman on teaching Emotional Intelligence skills

Summary of Social Quotient effects on success- from conference presentation

Free popularity test: Male test

or Female test

SELF magazine article and quiz

USA-Today recommends SQ

Popularity test uses

Drawbacks of most Popularity Tests

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Popularity Forum

Your success in life - what your popularity test points to

SQ, IQ, and self-skills in recent US Presidents  

2004 Presidential campaign rewards upbeat social skills

 Using SQ results in job applications

traits employers seek in job applicants

matrix of employer ratings of traits

What Top Hotels look for in Hiring

more employers ask job seekers for SAT scores

Article on grades/ job pay by ETS

how Emotional Intelligence improves businesses

Tests for selecting managers

Strategies for Getting that Job

employer of 1300 teens rates SQ

news article on Target personnel & SQ

Globalization - its Impact on Jobs and SQ

Jobs needing SQ and IQ less likely to be outsourced

 Using SQ results in university admission

Ivy League admissions look for future leaders

news article on UC Berkeley applicant

summary of twelve on-campus admissions interviews

proposal to use SQ to replace SAT-I in UC system

letter to college admissions explaining SQ

SQ vs recommendations

May 2000 e-mail update

Measuring Integrity and Other Traits

Law school admissions - new test

New Exam for med students: Peer review

Read comments on SQ from:

psychology professors, college admissions

Zimbardo recognizes value of Social Quotient

employers in Vallejo CA

matrix of employer ratings of SQ usefulness

teen survey takers:

the mystery of how others see us

judging others and first impressions

SQ in employment

colleges. careers, inspiration, self-esteem

self-esteem experts

reactions to Sloan's Self-Esteem presentation

How to participate in an SQ survey

Overview the SQ process with a newspaper article

Directions for administering SQ surveys

After the SQ survey: Improving social skills

Training Tips on Social Skills

Social Skills help students achieve in academics

Grants for Social Skills programs

Ways to improve your people skills in the workplace

Reorganizing a school to promote future success of students

Businesss Schools use The Apprentice to teach people skills

At-risk students - high school curriculum ideas

Technology for revitalizing schools

Schools that promote character plus academics

Teaching Social Skills to young people

Range and calculation of SQ scores

SQ validity

ability to predict SQ scores

sub teacher's high social intelligence

Great Teachers and SQ

Reliability of SQ & IQ numbers

SQ reliability

Affirmative action effect of SQ

traits relating to SQ in 2437 surveys

traits relating to SQ in Vallejo CA

Temperaments related to high SQ scores

SQ/ race correlations

SQ participating schools & teachers

Likability research comparison

Cottringer article

Cottringer and Sloan on Self-Actualization

Intelligence tests and Success - Gardner and others

Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences - Criticisms

Gifted students programs - influence of Gardner's MI
Florida gifted programs plan to look beyond IQ

SQ vs interpersonal intelligence - with 2/18/00 Gardner comments

Adversity Quotient, SQ, and other Success Factors

Measuring Ambition/ self skills

Careers survey - also measures ambition

JOBS survey side A

JOBS survey side B

Other: Outline of site (this page)

SQ forms package - ordering procedure

SQ Survey Form - side A

SQ Survey Form - side B

Purchase Order for forms processing

SQ printout

SQ results review

SQ group summary

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Rules for sweepstakes

History of Social Quotient and this website

Trademark registration letter from lawyer

Europe's Journal of Psychology asks for an article

Van Sloan, SQ originator (information on him)

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