Directions for Administering SQ Surveys

1. Prepare a set of surveys for each class or group.

On one of the Social Quotient Survey master sheets, add your group's names in the blank area. Taping a numbered attendance list next to the preprinted numbers works well. Write in: organization, supervisor, and date before copying a set for each group. For machine scoring, it is important that copied forms not be on a slant.

(Steps 2-5 take about 20 minutes)

2. (Optional) Have participants read the news article: "Are you social?" For students, this might be a homework (and discussion with parents) assignment the night before the SQ survey is done in class. Most of the people listed on the survey form should know each other to some degree.

3. Review the directions with the participants, with special emphasis on the need to have roughly the same number of marks in each column. Pencils are almost mandatory. Their erasers are usually needed for changing marks, as in balancing among the A-E categories. No cross outs or extra marks near the rings.

4. Have each person identify him/ herself just before others mark them. In this procedure, others should not be allowed to make comments, sighs, etc. Mention each person's list number to insure that marks are made in the proper row. Most teachers have marked a form along with their class. All marks are confidential - only group results are printed.

5. Collect the SQ surveys and sort them in order, using list numbers in the upper right corner. Discard any non-serious surveys, then mail them in the enclosed envelope for computer processing. Sign the purchase order for $3 per person processing costs.

6. A color SQ printout for each person is returned by express mail. It is recommended that participants use the worksheet provided to help understand their individual results. (The worksheet and discussion take about 20 minutes.) Also included will be a news article on a Target Stores personnel manager discussing his use of SQ printouts from job applicants.

7. Participants receiving above average SQ scores are encouraged to take their printouts to job interviews. College admissions officials also welcome Social Quotient printouts.

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