Social Quotient® forms

The simple but powerful SQ survey form at is NO LONGER AVAILABLE with a computer processing package.

Instead, here is what Sloan is recommending on inquiries:

You are free to use the male and female questionaires you reach by clicking near the top of the first page of They are based on the SQ traits identified in research on Because you are doing research with a group, you also might want to try the SQ questionnaire at While I am no longer processing these forms by computer to get individual SQ scores, it may be interesting for your students to find out how many social skills A's and E's they received from their peers


Results that used to be available after doing survey:

Color SQ printout (example) that is prepared for each group member when completed SQ Survey sheets are machine scanned and Social Quotient numbers calculated. There is a charge of $3 per group member for this service. Printouts were switched to color to discourage copy alterations, started when students realized that employers valued SQ printouts with high scores!

SQ results review, a worksheet that is handed out when SQ printouts are returned. It helps survey takers understand the details of their printout without having to ask questions that would reveal their results.

SQ group summary (example) that is returned with the individual printouts to the teacher or supervisor who returned the completed SQ sheets.

Comments from participants:

"I have always been so concerned about what people thought of me, but have never had a way of finding out how. The only way others, including myself, have done it that I know of is to directly ask the person or through someone else. But as we all know, the answers we get are usually just a cover-up. I have never heard of anything like this before and I'm delighted that we finally have something we can use to get a taste of knowing what people think of us. I just can't wait to see my test results."

"I got a 75 and I was not very happy when I have recived that grade. I did not know that that many people did not like me. The things that I can do to change or increase my grade is to start to be nicer to people and also have a little bit more respect for people. I not saying that I have no respect, I just say may [be] that's something that I should work on. I also probably need to start to smile at a lot more people. Other than that I don't think that 10 people from the class should have gave me an 'E'!" This comment (with original spelling and grammar) is often read to students after they take the SQ survey. It relieves some anxieties and shows how a low score can be beneficial, because it can prompt a person to make needed changes. (See comments by self-esteem expert.)

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