Using SQ results in job applications

"I must tell you that several students used the SQ when they went for job interviews & it made a great impression (in a few cases, it may have been the deciding factor in getting the job)." Yafa E. Berger, Coordinator of School-To-Work Program, Bedford-Stuyvesant Outreach High School Program, Brooklyn, New York


Traits employers look for in job applicants, including the importance of social skills (see ad at right)

"We're particular when we hire. We hire personality and attitude" CEO of RE/MAX International

Employers comment on SQ printouts as useful in the hiring process

An employer of 1300 teens rates what she looks for in job applicants

News article on Target Stores personnel manager talking to high school students on applying for jobs


 Other ways SQ impacts jobs:

Globalization makes in-person skills key in keeping a good paying career


Workplace uses of SQ, as in Dealing with Difficult People or in Tests to Select Employees


Using SQ, a dialogue between SQ author Sloan and SQ users
The Problem with Smart People is that Social Skills are also needed
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