Albert "Van" Sloan, researcher on IQ and social skills (SQ)

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Princeton University BSE - my Engineering degree allowed for many electives. I particularly enjoyed psychology courses.

Stanford University MBA - including course work under psychologist Richard Atkinson who became head of all Univ. of California schools.


Photo of Van Sloan in 2015. His residence is in Mill Valley CA.


Sloan is interested in what leads to success for individuals and for nations. His activities:

From his travels and other experiences, he develops original ideas to improve things, such as a United Nations oil export tax to raise funds for poor countries. Results presented in separate websites. Click for descriptions and links to those sites.

Author of a high school Economics text that has received favorable comments from Milton Friedman (Nobel Laureate, conservative) and John Kenneth Galbraith (prominent liberal). A text revision included the logic behind the Federal Reserve's change from a target inflation of 0% to 2% for the USA. Sloan's correspondence with Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan arguing for the 2% likely influenced the Fed's change. The new Fed chairman has kept the 2% target. See for more on how Sloan's book got others to react.

Developed in 2004 the first valid US state IQ data, which became hugely popular during the Presidential election.

Researcher and presenter on Traits That Lead To Success - for 2500 students in California, New York, and Pennsylvania (at all socio-economic levels). Results featured in SELF magazine September 2000

Speaker at: June 2000 Fourth International Self-Esteem conference "Preparing Youth for the 21st Century," Western Association for College Admission Counseling, Association of California School Administrators, service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions)

14 years in California public school districts as Business Manager, in Los Altos, Sunnyvale, and Half Moon Bay. Other past work: computer salesman and systems engineer for IBM Corporation, assistant to VP at Scott Foresman (textbook publisher), management consultant with Hayes and Associates (ACME firm in Chicago)

Other Internet sites developed by Sloan:

World Leadership Centers ( - an analysis of world history, reviewed by the Chairman of Stanford's history department

Education for a Democracy ( Recommendations for more relevant high schools

The Princeton Alumni Weekly (January 26, 2005) reports at the bottom of page 84: DOTCOM: I am told by Van Sloan that 30,000 people a day read his web pages on IQ, economics, or travel. Links are at (this page). Van has spent the year traveling to Bali, Mexico, and Thailand, visiting friends made online (29,997 to go) or skiing in Tahoe. (Information and/ or photos of 4 of the friends visited in the links in the prior sentence)

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University studies confirm Sloan's earlier work on social skills = success and on IQ's for US states


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