JOBS Survey benefits

1. The two page JOBS survey helps a student understand how a teen job can contribute to a future career. Doing this survey before applying for part-time student jobs is most helpful.

2. The survey introduces a student to all 130 million jobs in the US:

a. divided into 17 career fields

b. divided into 15 skill/ pay positions

3. The job breakdowns come from US Labor Department statistics.

4. Students learn that the typical teen job (a low skilled service position) can be the first step on a ladder of jobs in a career field.

5. Students also learn that higher steps on a career ladder usually require additional schooling. One exception is managers, 25% of whom have not attended college.

6. Students face a reality check on their likelihood of getting additional schooling (in light of their current grade point average).

7. While the above benefits can be obtained from a classroom discussion of survey results, an important additional benefit is available. Computer processing of student bubble marks can generate a measure of each student's Ambition, one of the three components of an individual's financial success (see Research Findings on Career Success). For information on computer processing of the JOBS survey (sides must be printed back-to-back), e-mail:

8. A high Ambition score indicates an unwillingness to stay with a boring job. It is not recommended that Ambition scores from the JOBS survey be shared with employers, quite unlike SQ scores. Males scored higher than females in five of the six Vallejo classes that took JOBS surveys in the spring of 1999:

Males 96, 103, 102, 102, 100, 101, average 101

Females 105, 85, 96, 98, 99, 99, average 97

9. Downloading the survey forms on your screen may take extra time: JOBS side A and JOBS side B. Teachers may print and use these forms without charge, but please e-mail about the use you made of them. Thanks.

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